The end game?

At 9th survivor, the game ask to post a pic of my colony, so :blush:

I’m in normal mode


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You have a big post regrouping pic if you want (you can keep this topic too dw)

Love the city btw ! really nice and clean :slight_smile:

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I am amazed, I am astonished :astonished: . Your settlement is much smaller than I would have expected with 11 people. I read that for the eleventh settler, a few of the older ones expect their own house with 5 rooms. Therefore I have imagined several huge estates :slightly_smiling_face: . Very well done.

I wonder if you haven’t got problems with traffic jams in the narrow streets. Had myself a 3-tile way, this later narrowed with hedges and then the residents didn’t really get past each other.

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for the 11th people, only 3 room needed. After, yes it is necessary to have 5 rooms but it is not a problem, just expend houses on one side. Yes, the 1 tile way it is a problem when three people want run on the same road, if you have any 1-tile is good ! ^^ the advantage is the short distance between work and home, so when attack goblins all people are ready to fight on delay :slight_smile:

but it is my first play, and many optimisazion are possible…

It is possible to kill enemy bases ? but ennemy equipment is interesting for trading…^^I want the next update !

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Yes killing all goblins and destroying all hut make them stop spawn (next update they rebuild it) :slight_smile:

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