Terraforming stuck on 99%

Hi there,

My terraforming progress total is stuck on 99%. (see pic below) I’ve checked every area on the map and it all looks totally green and covered by each type of terraforming building. I’m not sure if this is caused by the bug with the soil fertilization or perhaps its caused by occasional power dips.
Does anyone else have the same problem?

Its getting really frustrating now.

If your power supply is not constantly fulfilling the power needs of the terraforming buildings then that could very well be the reason. Build stable power sources like wind and Solar until that is good. Another reason might of course be that you’re simply missing a spot. I made a mod called „Clean Terraforming Panel“ that may help you find a lack of coverage. Download and apply it, then load your save. If you’re still playing for achievements then you mustn’t save. Let it run for a minute or two and then check the numbers. It will also make missing speed easier to find, but no guarantees.

Once you found something, disable the mod and load your original save. Start fixing from there.

Ok thanks BaYoNeTTe. I’m working on building a more stable power network. I’ve actually run out of concrete, which I never thought would happen.
Do I just google for the download of your mod?
You’re right, I am trying to get the last achievement, so I’m a bit worried about using the mod.
Also do I enable and disable the mod in the mod section in the game start menu? Sorry I’ve never really used mods before.

I only know that you can download mods in the steam workshop. If you got the game from somewhere else then I don’t know how to do it. If you can get the files by some other means then it will still work but in that case it might be easier to upload your save and let me try to have a look. You don’t really want to play with the mod anyway, just diagnose your issue.

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