Terraforming issues

Hi, Please can you help. I’m trying to get the terraforming achievement but I can’t because the magnetic field generator keeps resetting to zero. This is caused by it only getting 19 superconductors delivered (it requires 20). I can’t figure out why as I have a distribution center full of superconductors connected to the magnetic field generator. Also I can’t get any progress on the soil fertilization. It gives a radius on the map but not percentage in the terraforming progress panel. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? As of now I have total progress of 41%.
Hope to hear from you soon. I like the game but it seems quite buggy. Oh and also can you explain why is says no access to road in the inspector for the magnetic field generator?
Oh and one more thing. I got the 20k population achievement when I only had a population of just over 10K. Why is that?
This is my first post so I hope all this makes some sense.

This is a bug. The Fertilizer drone hub building can only store 10 units of fertilizer, and a production run requires 8. This makes a continuous production impossible, so it will not contribute to the terraforming progress.

Bug, but its only the text that is wrong, the building works as intended. (at least for me playing in hard difficulty)

Bug that was fixed with the new version released yesterday (version 1.7)

Thanks for the reply. Do you think they will fix the soil fertilization soon? I intend to play the game on the harder settings in the future but just getting used to how it all works and this is my first run through the game. Well done to you for doing it on hard difficulty! I guess I’ll need to start a new game to see if the population count is fixed. I’ve updated to the most recent version already.
Happy building.

This is an issue with the easy transport difficulty mode. Only 19 will be delivered because each truck in easy mode can transport 3 units. If you play on medium or hard transport difficulty, this issue will be resolved.

You can change the game difficulty any time in the World Settings on the left side on your screen.
No need to start a new game.

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