Terraforming as a tech

I see this was raised as a suggestion in the past but I don’t see any replies. It seems to me a fairly logical step if humans were able to actually settle an alien world that we would try and terraform it to make it more hospitable. With this could come new weather and natural disasters, bonuses to certain buildings, ect.

I don’t see terraforming as a good thing - part of the challenge is working around the terrain you have.

I would like to see it, not so much as the shape terrain that Romeo mentioned, but as the ‘Make the planet livable’ type. Would be interesting if as you built up terraforming some of the basic requirements for the housing went away (survival food, O2, parks too maybe) and your traffic patterns shifted with it.

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I was thinking more along the lines of Alaysian with this one, being able to change the atmosphere and create water and rain. I played a lot of surviving mars and like that way of approaching the scenario, but there are many avenues that could be explored. I do thing that small scale landscaping in the sandy areas could be useful so as not to have nasty bits of land around train stations or the like but not to remove the big boulders as I can see this is part of the strategy of the game.

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