Tanks, trying to understand what you are doing with them

Tanks make no sense. I would expect a tank to be a storage device and its info to tell me how much it contained.
Instead tanks are for some reason called “Pipe Network”, very strange. They show inflow and outflow, yeah i kinda get that. I could see that if the tank filled and emptied so what is the point?.
Then it shows “Total resources in Pipe Network”. Is Pipe Network supposed to mean the tank or what?
Very confusing.
A Tank is a Tank not a Pipe Network, please work out what you want them to be. They are called a Tank in the building menu.

Tanks are just a way to see what is going on inside the pipe network they are attached to. They don’t alter the network in any way (adding storage, etc.). Maybe “Gauge” would be a better label for them, but I think the tanks better fit the visual theme of the game.

A tank increase the storage inside the pipe network.
If you build several tanks, the storage number increase.

The pipes have a storage capacity, too.
If you build a long pipe, it will increase the storage number.
With tanks, you can increase the storage capacity of the pipe network.

A tank is helpful when you connect a large amount of new buildings to the pipe network.
If you build 30 houses and connect them to the pipe network at once, it will drain the tank first, before effecting the already existing buildings.

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Tanks are quite useful storage for, eg (regular) nuclear reactors. The first time I set up a nuke, it was fed by a single water extractor and a short pipe. Problem with the nuke; it can’t hold two production cycles worth of water. After a production cycle, the resources are taken from storage – leaving a substantial shortfall that must be remedied before electricity production starts up again. If you have a tank hooked up, it will nearly instantly re-fill the nuclear plant’s storage, causing only an extremely brief outage. Without a tank, it takes some time for water to make its way from the extractor, causing significantly longer outages.

The point is it is a tank not a pipe network so call it a tank. Moreover call it a water tank if it is a water tank.
The bar at the bottom of the popup cannot be the entire pipe network if it shows 0 and all buildings are supplied. It has to be what is in the tank.
The menu bar calls them tanks and so does research. Why call the something else in the popup???
Does not make logical sense

Yeah, point taken. The UI is confusing – but tanks to appear to do what you think they would do, even if it isn’t immediately obvious.

They call it a pipe network bc it says how much of the resource is in the pipe network it is connected to, so if you connect like 10 tanks they show the total amount not just how much each invidual tank is holding.

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