Symmetrical Village

I am obsessed with symmetry, this is 1st floor view of the village, I took several close-up images but it doesn’t allow me to upload more than one :frowning:

Dinning area is in the middle. Then, the 4 workshops on its corners: Kitchen, Doctor, Craftsman, and Scholar. Then, the houses around working areas “this reduces walking time”.

At the top, Farmers and Miners area. I wish I could upload a closer image to show details.
Storage area on the right side of the village, I will convert it into a huge storage room later.
I will start working on 2nd floors of the 12 houses when villagers start demanding more rooms.

Everything is 100% symmetric except what’s inside the houses and workshops.

Let me know what you think? Thanks…

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Looks great! Just the houses are a little emtpy and you could put your storage inside :smiley: (not that it’s required, I just think it looks better for some of the storage)