Supply Chain Planner

I had a tinker around with a little home project and created this little app that someone else might find useful or interesting

Select a material (thing you want to build like Home Robot) and it’ll give you a breakdown of the entire supply chain you need to build and give you totals for the number of factories, concrete, steel, power and workers that you need.

If you find it useful or have any feedback let me know.


I started to scribble these on paper, but hadn’t figured out the ratios yet. This is great. One note. You should put an asterisk on the Carbon Nanotubes “Can never build enough. Ever” Lolol.

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Is it possible to add both Adamantine, and the requirements to fill a Lvl 6 habitat?

i have been working on this on EXEL for a few days and your app is sop much better LOL

Habitats are now added (use population). What does an adamantine mine need? When I had a look there was just a massive build cost an no /minute requirements.

The Adamantine mine needs:

  • 2 red science pack
  • 5 iridium propellant
  • 10 methane
    The production cycle is 24 seconds. It requires 70 workers.

ok, updated:

Thank You for your help :grin:

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