Hi there great DEV can we get the time in the game, please
A little clock on the dashboard would be great so that we know when the night is coming
The game is awesome!!! great buy for m.

Thanks Eyuna!

Not sure there is any more space left on the Dashboard :smiley:
You can see the time of day in the shadows though if you watch closely.
One thing that we will add to the dashboard in the next update is an indicator that shows the current year.

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version 12.2.4

Would be nice to have:

  • be able to copy-paste text into the game feedback window
  • borderless full screen
  • food storage options for specific type(s) of food
  • a lot more storage capacity of each item, instead of stacking storage
  • crematorium or some sort of corpse pit for dead people instead of individual graves
  • hover over wish item image to see its construction cost, click on it to place it down
  • drag select to delete multiple items at the same time
  • order immigrant with desired age, traits and work experience at the trader, for the right price
  • some sort of endgame goal or play stage. i had at most 7 settlers/immigrants and never saw a need to get more, there should be an incentive to get more
  • option to store already built items, once migrant dies i would store stuff and take it out of storage for new migrants if they desire the same item
  • option to set work, eat, sleep and free time, hour based schedule
  • option to schedule/queue tasks (if there is i did not find it)


  • should be able to select the number of opponents and each opponent difficulty level
  • fight option could enable capture of slaves, slaves need food and place to sleep and can get ill or hurt etc but they are not picky and wishful like immigrants
  • there should be some overall point/benefit to combat, besides just constant fighting
  • some point/benefit of paying tribute and rising rep to friendly

Odd things:

  • doctors bandage wounds or heal or splint from a far, the wounded person just walks away
  • if i save before new migrant comes and don’t like its stats, i can reload as many times as i want to since stats are different each time, would prefer to either see migrants stats up front or to be able to enslave the migrant if its stats turn out to suck
  • doctors don’t carry people to their beds when they are unconscious (did not notice them do it)
  • people who die near buildings get stuck in them
  • snowman inside the building
  • if i group select migrants and tell them all to go some place or attack someone they do move there but get ??? bubbles, if i select each of them individually and tell them who to attack it works ok
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Hi tanta

Welcome :smiley:

Big list - lol

Lots of your questions have been asked before: Combat / Odd things
The Dev’s can update you if something needs attention - otherwise have a look through the Forum or Steam or Discord for answers to these questions.

Would be nice to have:

  • Borderless full screen: go to settings

  • Storage: go to Mods and add mine or for unlimited go for Jordan’s Mod.

  • Crematoriums - check Forum or Steam or Discord and see if any news

  • Deleting - can already be done on certain items in multiples

  • Immigrants - check Forum or Steam or Discord

  • Endgame - really an individual requirement, unless a group of players decides to build something.

  • Scheduling - really its just a manual thing, otherwise the game would just run automatically without input…

Hope some of this helps :upside_down_face:


-DEV have said that the fullscreen is a “fake” fullscreen it’s already just a windows borderless fullscreen, the windows option is a real windows one.

For now you have 3 storage type depending on the furnace used (campfire, baked, kitchen) but it can evolve in the futur i understand you and i like the idea

There is no real goal, the only goal you have is the goal “you” make, i like to play to only “BUILD” and try things up for my parts.

The top icon image is the general storage of your colony where everything is stored already.

There is already yes :slight_smile:

Slave are already part of the game with the tiki cage (or you mean you capture ennemy?)

Benefit is mood if you have killer or some traits like that for now and in some difficulties combat is needed to expand without danger.

The point is you can ask for reduction if you are friendly :wink:

Since last update you can right click and ask for traits :slight_smile:

You have to ask them to do it if they don’t do it alone but if “too far” from a bed it’s just a AI problem.

Sound like a bug you can still report it on discord or forum by explaining how to reproduce it exactly.

Hope i’ve cleared the rest of the answer, DEV will respond as soon as possible and thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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