Suggestions For adding to Gameplay

First Off… Love the game! And the DEVs are awesome at responding and including their followers.
I have made a few “In Game Feedback” suggestions, but am not sure if anyone else feels the same way i do, so wanted to Post here and see what others think of these ideas; and see if DEVs support it for possible updates in the future.

  1. There are alot of “aesthetic” plants, sticks, grasses, mushrooms, small stones, etc. around the map. They are hidden when you build over them (and come back when the object is removed) My suggestion was to utilise these as harvest-able resources.
    a. Sticks - used early game for crafting of basic level tools such as wood axe/pickaxe. Could also be used for splints. (I find it odd that splints dont cost any resource)
    b. Random Plants / Grasses - used to produce bandages (again, odd that bandages dont cost resource)
    c. Mushrooms - early game foraging for food. Could also be used to brew early game level healers potions.

  2. Pillars having roof above - Or - being able to place roof like you do any other building material.
    a. I like to create different looking buildings depending on the colonist and their job; I would love to see the ability of creating roof over pillars like a porch.
    b. Would love to see different types of roof and possibly different colours. (Maybe this sort of thing is already in consideration when the 2nd floor comes into play.)

Well Ive rambled on for a while, let see what everyone thinks? Im sure ill suggest more as i play!
Loving the Game!

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Hi ItsGazzaBro,

Agree with all your comments - some interesting ideas.

Your no.2 is something I have played with in my mind. Like adding a long verandah or an outside gazebo for the cooking fire, etc.

The only problem could be it adds an extra room to the house, which the dev’s may have issues working around. Anyway, I still like the idea :slight_smile:

**Underground Power lines **

I really wish this can become a Thing. it would clean the look of your city up greatly.