Suggestions based on current game

Some suggestions based on the current game I am playing:

  • More elegant control over lane switching at non-junction nodes. You can adjust the connections at nodes, but the way vehicles switch lanes is more funny than practical.
  • Visualizations of the resources. I want to be able to click on a “Good Meal” icon and tell at a glance which houses are low on good meals, and which are well fed.
  • Enough control to allow creation of SPUI interchanges.
  • In general, more fine tuning control. The author hints at creating roundabouts with the upcoming yield signs, but it’s a pain to create the road layout required, especially smaller sizes.
  • Height separated nodes should be able to be placed above each other. More complex junctions don’t play well right now because of the node restrictions.
  • More fine tuned control over height in general.
  • Some method to set nodes at the same height as each other so I don’t have junctions with odd unintended slopes.

Press shift while adjusting the height :wink:

Hm, doesn’t it show node height from ground during construction / moving?

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