[Suggestion] Very Hard/impossible difficulty

Traffic in this game is challenging, but that’s what makes it fun! (Imo)

On the roadmap I really like the suggestion to add flying cars for workers, since that would add some realism to the game.

That made me think: it could also be an opportunity to make a very hard/impossible difficulty : instead of driving flying cars that doesn’t affect traffic, workers could be driving regular cars and be implemented as a ressource produced by houses.

That would of course make traffic very crazy, but also might incite players to use more trains, rethink their usual housing strategy, maybe make some crazy highway interchanges (and in my case, justify the use of two way roads).

Anyway, cheers! That game is amazing!

Flying cars would definitely be fun, but I fear it’d kinda ruin the traffic difficulty (it’d be too easy right?)
One traffic thing I’d like to see (aside from tunnels!) would be to have an “AI traffic controller” or something, where cars don’t need to slow down at intersections when they can slightly adjust speed to glide through without impact.
I’m not sure if it would be worth researching, since there’s other ways around traffic, just a thought.

I’d like to see trains be made more relevant as well though!

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