[Suggestion] Upgradeable production building

Some buildings might be great to be able to be upgraded with concrete and steel to increase their internal storage capacity, the minimum required materials to be created, efficiency, or the number of staff needed. This Upgradeable production building must be unlocked by the research tree. for example, is ‘Irridium Propellant Factory’, because personally, the storage capacity is too small while the crafting recipe requires a big amount of Iridium Ore and Sulfur. Maybe after the upgrade, they only need 5 of each, etc.

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Good idea, that’s bugged me too. But warehousing might also fix this issue.

Additionally, the house upgrades should also come with a cost.

I’ve always thought that the residential building upgrade were a bit odd, they just sprout up.
Can we have animation of cranes or ship lowering the upgrade to the structure.
Also upgrades to all types of buildings with greater capacity, so increases map space efficiency.
Maybe even add a cost for upgrading buildings.