Suggestion trafic round trip

Good evening is it possible that the trucks will make the return trip because I find it unfortunate that it stops in the building of destination and disappears

Yup, a bunch of people have asked for this, so I have it on my list as a medium priority item.


I’s prefer the Tropico approach where one has to install vehicle depots and every vehicle trip starts at a depot and ends at a depot (not necessarily the same one). So the truck doesn’t drop off oxygen and then go back to the oxygen supply site.

Later mods could involve depot-to-depot truck transfers, or the ability of the truck to pick up a load from the place it just dropped one off to chain the series together or whatever.

Empty trucks would just be the tractor part (cab and maybe an empty bed to make it look right or whatever)

I think this approach would allow for a paradigm suited to future expansions due to its flexibility.

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yes I really like this idea, the same principle as transport feever also

  • , добавлю что стоит добавить у складов зону чтоб от туда не шли в другой , а то получится что товар может попасть на склад в другом конце карты , чтоб потом поехать в обратном направлении

Hi @omiddimon, lets keep the forum in English so everyone can understand it :slight_smile:

Also, this topic is about round trips. You can select were cars go using the district feature on the top left already!