[Suggestion] Multiplayer + Challenge

Firstly I would like to say that the Devs have done an amazing job developing such an amazing game. I would also like to point out that I am not criticizing the Devs, (I only point that out because when I have made suggestions for other games people have said that I don’t appreciate the Devs and I should not criticize their work).

Next, I do not want to take any credit for this suggestion, as I do not know if it has been made before, and because one of my friends came up with this suggestion and I am just trying to bring awareness to the fact.

We (My friend and I) believe that there should be a multiplayer mode to the game. We have come up with 2 different suggestions:

  1. A cooperative world in which players can build together.

  2. A challenge mode, were players are given a challenge and have to complete it before the other person.

We have also come up with a few ideas for different challenges:

i) Players have to reach a certain point on the tech tree. (e.g. Players need to unlock uranium mineing)
ii) Players need to attain a certain population. (e.g. Players need to reach a population of 1,000)
iii) Players need to obtain a certain number of a certain level of citizen. (e.g. Players need to get 125 level 3 citizens)

Finally I would like to reiterate how much I apricate the Devs, and all the hard work they have done.

I’m gonna say it straight away - most probably won’t gonna happen. It would be a first multiplayer city builder ever - for a reason.

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I would love to see a multiplayer mode where adjacent maps can trade goods. Then one map could have one specific resource in abundance while the other has almost nothing of it.

Maybe the interface between the maps would be a train station built at the edge?

With the space ship artwork they showed off last time, maybe the more interresting multiplayer would be where one player manages stuff on the ground, providing resources for the space ship and housing for any refugees wanting to go planetside. The other player would manage the space ship side of things, repairing stuff and trying to keep refugees alive until planetside is ready to recieve them.

Fun part is, you could play this with a minimum of 2 players and every subsequent player could either be on the planet, competing for settlers, or a seperate space ship competing for resources.

But that might be beyond the scope of the game.

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