[Suggestion] Lane mixer

Hi all

Sometimes I get a huge amount of traffic for a specific destination. To manage that I load that traffic into a train. So far so good.
When exiting the train station the trucks are place on the road randomly.
Currently they continue on a 3 lane superhighway.

I have a Y-Split in my network for a production area and a research & living area.
This means every now and then a huge amount of the trains land on just one of the three lanes leading to my areas.

If I build “pointless” or sharp corners that allow me to tell traffic that has backed up to that point to switch to the next lane:

This has the downside that after a three junctions most of the traffic has shifted to one side.

However, I would like to be able to have a mixer that would prevent the traffic from jamming up down the road. It could do a simple algorithm like:

  • Whatever comes in
  • Equal counts of trucks go out on the three lanes.

Was my wish understandable?
If not, please let me know :slight_smile:

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Having better car AI would be appreciated.

Almost all the time I see traffic backed up on multi-lane roads where the traffic has shifted into one lane - the lane where delivery trucks have slowed and stopped to turn into their destination.

Having the cars that aren’t about to turn into their destination stay in the fast lanes would help a lot.

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I would agree that better car/truck AI would be appreciated. There is a sort of work around when it comes to junctions at least that is to add and remove turning lanes so that the trafic at least at junctions like the one serving the station in the image below flows smothly.

For streets that service buildings limit to at most six buildings on that road and by making use of districts and lower grade roads as well as turning lanes into and out of the street you can limit the trafic that goes down it to just what services the buildings on it. Not ideal but the game is called Infraspace for a reason and the core concept is the transport infrustructure.

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Cars on the far right heading up waiting to go into the right hand CMS despite the fact that it could have gone into the CMS on the far left.
Cars in the left-hand lanes heading down waiting for the cars on the far right heading up to go into the right hand CMS.

It gets worse:

Thing is - some of the cars are going into the other three CMSs but most of them are trying to go into the original.

Some work-arounds are fine, part of the game, but this is just bad.

The targeting is a different problem. I agree it is annoying but retargeting traffic is a really hard problem.

Remixing traffic on the road however should be a local problem, targets stay the same, it is just a balancing on one road.
I guess one could implement it with two train stations that just bridge a small section… :upside_down_face:

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