Suggestion for future Train/Commuting Features


I’ve been playing this game since that one civil engineer YouTuber starting playing.

I have a few suggestions about trains.

  • Have more signal control where trains enter station (might actually be hard to do).
  • Have a similar system to Japan where each line goes to a specific platform and/or rail.
    (a bit related to above)
  • If there is ever an implementation of commuting, then also include that for trains.
  • If commuting train possible, then have the ability to have separate rails from freights.
  • Maybe even have restrictions on speed on freights vs no restrictions on speed for commuting.

These things could probably apply to gondolas as well if that ever gets made.

These suggestions are mostly based on what I’ve experienced in Japan since that’s where I live.
I haven’t experience European systems, so I don’t know much about them.
I know not to recommend US’s mostly chaotic commuter train systems.

About BRTs, but I don’t know much about them to give any suggestions, but I think it’s similar to trains, just on the roads.

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