Suggestion/Feedback for Trains

I’m loving this game and I have possibly an unhealthy amount of time in it since I started playing last week!

With the Trains Update there are a couple of quality of life enhancements that I would love to see:

1. The option to limit what goods each train station can load/unload from a train. When I first implemented a train line with three stations the trains loaded up with all kinds of things that went on a merry round trip of the stations before being spat back out onto the road network, causing major congestion and most of my housing to downgrade to Level 1. We lost a lot of Citizens to that particular crash. I redesigned the rail system a couple of times and every time there seemed to be a period of adjustment for the traffic/goods that causes a city-wide meltdown and loss of life!

2. Provide a Train Track Tool for multiple tracks in parallel I have tried my best to keep things orderly in my city but the single train track ends up being very messy if you are building a simple out-and-back system. Another solution would be to have the train tracks snap to an adjacent track.

I’ve no idea how implementation would go for either of these ideas but I’m looking forward to the next update!



also would be great if you could say “wait untill full” on a train(so your trains would naturally space out)

Seconding that some way to run tracks parallel would be really great, trying it manually usually is really fiddly and/or looks horrible. Another way to approach this would be a bi-directional track (as in, 2 tracks pointing in opposite directions “fused together”, like a road).


I like trains also very much. It’s a little bit tricky to find out, how it works:
first, you have to build stations, then connect the stations (and don’t forget to connect the ends on both sides of the station, so trains can make a u-turn), then open the trains menu at the top left, add a route, and only, if all is done correctly, you are able to add trains.
For improvement, I would also recommend to provide a two-way (parallel) railconnector (like for roads), instead of only one-way, as this is double effort and you can never get the rails that close tigether, as it should look like.

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