Suggestion: Districts that can export anywhere, but only designated resources

Say I build a well balanced industrial park for a resource with a deep tree (let’s go with industrial robots). I can’t just let it be, as other areas may “steal” component resources and as a result my balanced park goes out of kilter and production lags or even stalls. This can be solved with districts to a point, but then you have to designate all target districts. It would be great if you had a method to tell a district that it could not export anything unless the resource was designated (but there was no limit on where that designated resource could go).

you can click on the district to restrict resources to within that district. just restrict whatever you do not want to export. the rest can be used anywhere. takes a bit longer, but already exists.


Oh that’s awesome, totally didn’t think about doing it that way. Works for me :slight_smile: To make sure I understand correctly: To make a steel farm that won’t export carbon or iron I can build the farm, district it, then drag iron and carbon to itself and it will then only export steel?