[Suggestion] Districts + grid

Puting grid in game was something I needed. Now my city looks neatly :slight_smile:
But I have a problem with making districts becouse the smallest area is too big in stuffed industrial area. Range of one district comes over second district and I do not know if is working or not.

1 suggestion - with 3 size of making district please make the first one with smaller diameter or add smaller one

2 suggestion - add ability to make district in grid square by square



Not the first person to complain that the smallest paintbrush for grids is too large. You comments got me thinking,

  • District paintbrush that marks building at a time.

yes please!
The second option would be nice

what happened to grids??? I cant find them anymore!


The grid only appears as an option when I have something selected for building, e.g. a road. If you turned off the grid, you have to turn it back on.

is gone after the last update i thought