Suggestion: Distribution centers

I had the idea of maybe adding distribution centers with variable priority, you would be able to store components e.g: iron ore, electronics, etc; and distribute to districs within your colony, adding priority modifiers. this would make it easier to have factories which are not close to your mines or production centers ( in this case lets say green science). it would also enable limited storage of parts while you are making surplus of your material. i would limit the amount stored in the center as to not make it unbalanced, to maybe 250 or 500 units. this could later be upgraded through research to maybe 1000, or 2000. Obviously the center would have to have its own trucks, maybe semi trucks too to carry more goods.


It could be like a train station or an addon to the train station.
It would be cool if it could preorder goods that houses could order later on

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And maybe add more capacity to cars through research?
And you can see the production of specific districts with it?

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I love that, or you could have the same system as with housing, and have maybe motors or so be delivered to upgrade the center

thank you, yes that was my thought, im currently delivering electronics to green science production coz the vans wont go since its too far. would be a nice additon

I’m still experimenting but I had the same thoughts. Since factories don’t ship products directly to residences having a distributing center/warehouse would make things more realistic and assist in managing manufacturing output. In my map I wanted to push all manufacturing out toward the edges and use an outside loop of railroads to move the majority of items from location to location.

One scenario I tested was putting electronics manufacturing in the northeast area of the map and a large residential section in the southeast. My road system is working great with no stoppage, same with railroads. However what I observed is when a residence gives notice of an expected shortage (home appliance, etc) the delivery time from the factory to the residence is long enough the residence downgrades. Locally stocked distribution centers would add another level of control,

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I would think it would be nice if the distribution centres could have a shared capacity, but you would need to link them into networks with underground conveyor belts, kind of like the way power works.

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