[Suggestion] Bigger mountain ranges {copied from Steam}

I know that the latest update made the mountain ranges smaller, but I miss them that much I would change to the previous version would it not mean to loose on all the new options (traffic control, grids, more rails, …).

I hope that we get additional options (at least) in the final release to change the map settings to our liking, but -just to be sure- I want to suggest this idea in the unlikely case it is not planned.

It is true, the skewed buildings had to go, but I loved them on the mountains and I made nice roads in the passes. With the noticeable lower elevation the game lost quite a bit for me with the update.

Also I think that the “uneven” terrain had a special sight and feeling to it. I too wanted more “flat” ground or at least an option to do it, but I think the update was a bit too much in that regard.

Anyway, overall the update is great and I hope to see more such great stuff - keep it up!

Perhaps this and some other parameters can be selected at world creation time to allow for more diversity in appearance/challenge? Version 9.0 terrain is “Easy”, 8.1 is “Normal”, something else is “Hard.” I enjoyed having to carefully design winding roads to access awkward areas on the map.

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