Suggestion - Better worker allocation

I am really loving this game.

As I’ve been playing through Hard Mode I’ve had a couple of instances where I would like to have the ability to better control where workers are allocated.

I have a large city and there have been times, due in part to tinkering, where I have “evicted” the residents of the city. As the city returns from low populations it would be nice to have a way to control which buildings workers are assigned.

Yes I can use the Production Overview panel to control the numbers through sliders, but that doesn’t give me control over which buildings they actually go to work in.

I would like to control if a building is “Active/Inactive” or Enabled/disabled. Maybe through direct control? I thought about a Check box style item; too much work for a large infrastructure.

Then I thought, why not just control it through power, if a building has power it has workers. If it doesn’t people don’t go to work there.

I’ve noted that the buildings are allocated at least 1 person even when there is no road to it or power supplied to it.

This is either a bug or a new feature request.


Would district-wide work allocation solve the issue?


Yes, could we have a setting for it, like District works on a percentage scale?

Like In this area, only 25% workers are applied, yet in this district 100% are applied.

Would that work with your idea?