SUGGESTION: Ability to separate entrances and exits

I would like to propose a new feature request. This could be something that gets unlocked via the tech tree the same way roads do currently.

It would be extremely nice to have the ability to separate the entrances and exits on buildings. Initially buildings would function the way they do now (entrances and exits merged).

As the tech gets unlocked, buildings would have a “radial” menu similar to road intersections (Nothing, yield, traffic light, etc.). Buildings would have the option for “unified entrance / exit”, “separate but on same side of building”, and “opposite sides / freeform”. This last option would allow you to choose which side of a building the entrance and exit are located on.

This would be a particularly useful feature when it comes to advanced traffic planning in larger cities. It would allow for far greater traffic segregation and routing as well as more optimal use of one way roads.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.


I want that too (adding so it won’t complain about under 20 characters)

That would allow for chaining the industries :slight_smile: nice

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