[Suggestion] A little better Food production

I have just had my first dabble into advanced food production and I have noticed that you need a lot of different buildings to make a good meal and to supply them to the population, which is fair. But it would be better if you could choose from a variety of choices in the final food production building like (pasta, rice and curry, fish and chips). The default dish could be something that just satisfies them to upgrade their housing to the next level but others could give your population different buffs like more productivity, better happiness(if the happiness system gets implemented), and Better immunity(if something like a disease system gets implemented).

Each dish can also require different amounts of every food resource.

Meat Lab:
I think it is safe to say that the meat in the meat lab is chemically cultivated. I think it would be better if there was an option where you can choose whether to cultivate lab meat or real animals to be slaughtered, which might take multiple resources. This new fresh meat can probably speed up the production of food and also probably satisfy your population faster. This can also introduce a new resource, Milk.

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