Suddenly all resources going to trains starving other buildings

Suddenly all resources are going to trains, and just looping around. This causes major issues with housing supplies. If you watch the trains load when it pulls into a station, it unloads very little and leaves the status with more.
The station is flooded with trucks delivering all supplies that should be going to the housing that is right next to the station.

I first accidently moved a station, and that started the issue. But I couldn’t fix it, so I reloaded a save from before my screw up. Now, however, the old load has the same issue without me moving the train station. So I’m not exactly sure what is triggering the issue.

I can send my save file if you’d like. I’ll do some more testing tomorrow as well.

Please read my reply to 2785

Some saves had an issue where goods would take a train detour unnecessarily.

It should be fixed by today’s update: Steam :: InfraSpace :: Patch 8.0.167 fixes train pathfinding issues

Let me know if you get an issue like that in Alpha 8.0.167 again.

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Hi. Still have it in 8.0.174.
I did narrow one condition down to me moving (or deleting/fixing) a little track. I had a small turnaround that I wanted smaller, so I just moved the track around.
After that, trains from the stations carried goods they never carried before and had no consumers at the other station.
One direction was low number of goods (4 types). After moving the track, would have over a dozen different goods.
I left the game running for a while…everything was working.
Moved some track and condition happened.
This map was upgraded from previous versions.

Hi joat, could you provide your Player.log files after this happened? I want to see if there are any error messages in them (though if you restart the game, they get overwritten).
Settings → open saves folder → both Player.log files to
It might also be good to include the save just in case. I assume after loading a save and letting it run it fixes itself until you change tracks.