Strange Pathfinding v9.1.204

I’m supplementing my electronics factories with some copper that is a fair distance away. Copper mines feed Train Station A.
From Train Station A, instead of the copper taking the Yellow Trains directly to Train Station B, they are taking the Red Trains to Train Station C.
Then the copper takes Blue Trains from Train Station C to Train Station B.
Meanwhile the Yellow Trains run completely empty from Train Station A to B.

All rails are Lightning rail.

Red trains are more frequent between A and C and Blue trains more Frequent between C and B than Yellow trains are between A and B. Even so, when a Yellow train is in Train Station A, the copper still prefers the longer route?

Also, it possible to push the rail out of the normal play area when building along the edge and then selecting the ‘rounded corner’ tooltip as seen on the right side of the map border here :slight_smile:

I’d kill for any insight I can get on trains. I’ve all but given them up.

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