Storage variety

So I see there is fluid storage for different types of fluid such as water, oil, and then your gas storage, oxygen, methane, and a construction storage for building blocks, but what’s the point of having these storages if there is no storage for production chain items, such as furniture, sensors, or even a food storage? The logic here does not make any sense to me at all.

Speaking of which…what function do the tanks serve? Is there a production ebb and flow? Can they serve as a reserve of product? I have not noticed and difference in using them, or not using them.

The tanks act as a buffer for spike demand. Say all your resource consuming buildings put in a simultanious demand for resources. The tanks enable that spike to be met. Allso it gives you as demand increases so habs don’t run out of water and oxygen staight away after upgrading as the demand now exceeds supply.

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