Stone not mineable

Alpha 7.1

I have a large stone on the map that was being mined for stone. It’s still there but the miner now refuses to work it.

So you first got stone out of it and now not anymore?

Correct. I just sent a save game to Daniel, in that save game Bob is drowning and Fran is harvesting a stone. That stone will become unmineable after a while.

We just fixed a stone mining bug with 7.2. Though I didn’t have time to check your save yet.

Is 7.2 Save Game compatible with 7.1 saves?

Yes it is ! :stuck_out_tongue: it worked for me

Didn’t work for me, it loads but almost immediately goes back to the main menu. No problem, new colony time!

Sorry for that don’t forget to send buggy save to Ponzel for him to investigate

Yes, @Sebster feel free to send me the save so I can check it on my computer :slight_smile:

Edit: Oh wait, that’s probably the same which you already sent me, right?