Stadium odd size

So the stadium size is 9x11. Since the last two updates, the grid and area of effect, they have to be in the middle of the city. But There is no sensible way to connect them up.
Could it be resized to be 8x10 or 10x12 on the grid?

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So I came up with this pattern, ignore the empty spaces, these are for schools. It kinda works, probably could be improved a little bit, but still… It triggers my perfectionism xd

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While I still do not like the AoE for schools and stadiums (in the real world I also need to drive sometimes a really long or awkward way to them), I think your pattern is -at least for now- a nice/the answer (at least I build it almost in the same way) - the 9-side makes it possible to have several hubs (housing) and still have a road between them.
Still the 11-side is a bit awkward, whereas I also want to add my voice for another form (mayhaps give us even different “stadiums”, each with another grid-size?! Like 9x10 football, 8x12 soccer, 8x11 hocky, 12x12 quidditch, …).

My take on this: If everything lined up neatly, it wouldn’t be fun.

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