Spreadsheet nerd

So, I made a spreadsheet (excel) with all the building info for all the buildings, because I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I’ve added some functionality too. I had time to spare and I’m kind of an excel nerd. I also like colors.

So, you can enter your required resource type, say Adamantine, and the required amount per minute, and the sheet will poop out how many of each required building you need, of the entire production chain. It also tells you how much energy and people are required.

If anyone is interrested, drop me a message and I will email it to you.
The formulas are in Dutch, but I think excel translates them.


I wokred on my own version of that but it’s not that complete at all. I’d love to get the Excel file. How can I contact you?

Dutch lets goo, we solve these things (i am dutch too)

I would like this. It’ll keep me from going crazy over efficiency.

Allright, just message me your email and I’ll send it over

It is well thought out, I would definitely like to ask for a copy of that.

It doesn’t look like I have that ability yet. I made the account when I saw this. I assume there is a delay before I can send anything directly.

Appearently you need to spend some time on the forum before you can send PM’s. Check the requirements at trust level 1: Understanding Discourse Trust Levels | Blog

Just send me a pm with your email when you can.

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allright, slight update.
You can now enter the production bonus and the calculations will take that into account. It wll have to be an estimate though, as its probably different for each individual factory. Just put in your best guess.
You can also enter any production surplus, if you have any. Alternatively, if you already have a production deficit, you can enter a negative number.

These were a pain to implement, but I think I’ve got it working.

If someone knows a good place to upload the spreadsheet so I can just link it here, let me know. In the mean time I’ll see if I can fix a dropbox link later today. Problem is, these are temporary.

Slight set back. No update for now. Looks like Excel doesn’t like some of my formulas. I thought I had it working, but then I made the mistake of testing it.

This is going to be the end of me, I’m sure.

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I’ve been playing a couple of months. I know this spreadsheet would be very helpful. Thanks for all the time you have spent.

I put my faith in you :smile:

Allright everyone, here it is, Infraspace spreadsheet 2.0 :partying_face:

It opens in google docs, but it probably won’t work. Go to File > Download in order to download it.

New features:

  • You can enter the production bonus for each type of building. Please note that this is one value for all buildings of the same type, so you have to guestimate an average.
  • You can enter any production surplus. So if you require 150 electronics (production per minute) and already have a surplus of 100, the results are shown for the remaining 50 units and the resources required to build those 50 units per minute.
  • Updated some of the formulas.
  • Changed the layout on the “Start” sheet.
  • I’ve protected all the sheets so you don’t accidently delete any formulas. If you want to personalize the sheet, just unprotect it. Password is not required.

Still to come:

  • I have x number of Motor factories. How many copper mines and steel factories do I need to supply them? Could be usefull when working with districts.
  • I have x number of houses of a certain level. Show the entire supply chain required to satisfy all needs.
  • Any suggestions?

This update gave me quite the headache, so there could still be something that doesn’t work. If so, please let me know. But I think I got it working.

Update: there’s more cells not working, anything that uses “_xlws.SORT” apparently

Hmm, I’m using sort quite a bit and it’s working fine for me.

I just checked and it works for Excel 365 and Excel 2021 according to Microsoft, so it’s probably a version issue.

That looks for sure amazing… Do you have also a overview map on how to start with building? i mean what is the best strategy to fullfill this dreams :wink: for example place the miner in north, under it place the first object, move the 2nd on the south, the next on the east and west and one in the middle?

No strategy tips I’m afraid. That’s something you have to figure out on your own, it’s part of the gameplay :wink: