Splints and Flu Treatment

One thing that always bugs me is when the doctor is doing a splint or a Flu Treatment, the person receiving the treatment will run off. Obviously it doesn’t affect the treatment but it’s a bit weird they run off while the treatment is still happening and is completed while they are somewhere else entirely.

Yes, it looks weird.

What I consider far worse is the doctor.
I instructed a doctor to splint a leg, but before that was finished the doctor decided it was time to eat some food, so just ran off.
It became even worse as the doctor then decided it was time to get some sleep!

Here I will say:

Founders Fortune is in a category called “Ant Games” (You are the queen ant, and your worker ants build the ant nest according to your desire.), and there are many games in the Ant Games category, a mayor competing factor is “ant intelligence”, if they behave too stupid; people get frustrated with the game and quit playing it.

This one with doctors:

(1) Emergency care for wounded and sick members should always have almost top priority.
This is an example of what I see far too often: Doctors leave wounded for to bleed to death, as they think food and sleep to be more important.

(2) Almost, as the doctor’s own health should be top priority.
A flaw I see with more caring doctors: They run into battle zones for to be slain themselves.

(3) Feeding an immobilised member in bed should only be normal priority.
Overzealous doctors are equally annoying, as those doctors who do not care.

Generally complete tasks that is almost finished.
An example of what I see far too often:
Frustrating to see the forester leave the stump for to cross the map to eat, then cross the map again to take the last swing removing the stump, and finally crossing the distance a third time to get back.

Yes “almost finished” is a difficult concept for the programming, but compare the time it would take to reach the distracting destination to the time it will take to complete the current task, and then go for the one taking the shortest time first.

@BloodyMemories it’s on our list of fixes!

@LarsDahl Thanks for the input.
It’s not simply about making them more intelligent. Paradoxically, the more intelligent AI in games is, the more frustrating it becomes because the player doesn’t understand their choices anymore. Also, with your suggestion the villager would never eat if the eating task was farther away than the time it takes to work on trees / mining / etc :wink: