Spaceship repair bug after 14/07/2023 update

The new spaceship repair facility now works storing all needed materials than it produce a single piece, instead of producing a lot of them until it repaired the piece of the spaceship you was reparing.

But this way you need to store exactly X materials.

That cause the following 2 bugs:

Number 1: if you need for example exactly 75 units of a resource for the repair, but each car transport 2 of them, when you reach 74 stored you’ll never get in any way the spaceship repair facility to be filled with the last one, cause with one more car it will reach 76 stored, so it remains stucked forever.

Number 2: if you need a resource you can treansport by pipes (oil or methane for example) when you link the spaceship to the pipe net, it will be filled with 35 resources and it never collect any other from the pipe net even if it needs 250. Plus, for the first bug I was stucked at 249/250 of methane , I linked the spaceship repair facility to the methan pipe net, it dropped to 35 stored. But if it’s already filled with 35 units from the pipe net and a methan car arrives it stored it.


I’m so gladi 'm not the only one having this issue. Drives me bonkers when a production facility out puts 3 of an item, and the spaceship construction facility only needs 2 items left so it won’t deliver the 2 and put the rest else where. this is a prime example of Storage needs to be updated, allowing all produced items in a storage facility along with building items, then the delivery vehicles deliver amount needed.

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Bugs solved with the Sunday patch, thanx :smiley:

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