Spaceship laser cannon stuck at 74/75 microchips/nanotubes

My spaceship laser cannon repair is stuck at 74/75 microchips/nanotubes

i saw this in the changelog:

  • Fixed an issue where buildings requested resources even if they didn’t have enough space for a full truck loadefwa

so i guess it cant request just 1 resource.

Should be fixed in the latest version. please update your game

This is correct. Update has been out since Saturday.

I still have this issue that superconductor is stuck at 74/75
My game version is 1.7.388 on mac

The current version for windows is 1.8.389
Looks like the Mac version was not updated by the dev team.

I had something do that on holo display. however I haven’t had time to look at it as I am currently in the middle of a pop collapse.

to the matter off 1 less resource. it seems to occur in the collection and distribution centres as well as the ship repair. it all just counts one less and there’s nothing I have been able to do to fix it. the ship repair has 99 out off 100.

I missed this comment the first and second time. and I think this is why!! I am still on 1.8.388. and no way to update to 1.8.389

As a workaround, you can click on World settings on the left side of your screen, and then select Hard mode in the transport difficulty setting. Then wait 10 seconds, and then change back to your current mode.
This will cause a spike in new traffic, so make sure to watch out for traffic jams.
But it should send the last remaining truck out for the ship repair.

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