Spaceship construction Facility - No workers


To get better delivery of goods, I’ve decided to move my spaceship construction facility closer to my production zone.

It has received all the goods, but there are no more workers and the part of the ship I had chosen to repair can’t be repaired.

There are two causes for this which you can check: First of all open the production window and check how many workers you have assigned to spaceship component. I think that’s always the last item on the list and it looks like a blue box. Make sure the slider next to it is at 100%. If that is set correctly you should check the amount of assigned workers to this resource type. It’s a number in the table, right next to the slider. It probably shows 0, but you want up to 30 here.

If you say you want 100% worker assignment but you still don’t get any then it means that you are lacking citizens to fill all your jobs. That is, the amount of current inhabitants is lower than the amount of jobs. Lure more people to your planet too fix this. If that is a bit tricky at the moment then you can use the sliders in the production window to de-prioritize other goods, science packs for example.

If you don’t have enough workers, the newest buildings you have tend to get fewer people than the older buildings. After moving the spaceship construction factory, I guess it counts as the newest building.

You’re right, I did have 0 workers assigned.

Thank you so much for opening my eyes!

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