Spaceports not delivering people

I have spent a bunch of hours over the last few days reworking an older city with Distribution Centers so I have had huge populations swings. All of a sudden my Spaceports are no longer dropping off people. I am capped at 903 population and have been for over an hour while I have been trying to figure it out.

Closed and reloaded. Ships come and go but no cars come out. Have not changed the Spaceports or roads connecting. I need my G-Wagon G-Wagon G-Wagon

That sounds like there is a problem with road accessibility or districts (not 100% sure they work with people). Or a bug of course.

@Basillica what is your game version?

There was one update earlier in the week that had this issue, but it got fixed a couple of hours after release.

Current save file is 1.23.413
Earlier versions 1.22.412

I forced a move out to see if cars would leave and if I would be able to move back up to the 903 pop I was stuck at. No cars left but Pop did and is not returning.

Wish I could give you more details I was moving a lot of things around before I noticed the stuck population.

Try deleting your spaceport and making a new one + check district delivery options. Whenever I had similar non-delivery issues with other buildings, that often fixed it.

Try putting the spaceport on some other location, right next to the buildings, to see if maybe it’s a road connection issue.

Also, try it after today’s update.

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