Somehow made an infinite concrete generator

I have a city of about 2000 residents, and I messed up some road placements and ended up gridlocking the city. So, I looked for the source of the gridlock and found a oxygen truck trying to send oxygen to a house that’s behind it, and it didn’t have a path (Clicking on the truck shows the path it takes, and this truck showed nothing when I clicked on it). Then I tried to delete the road that it was sitting on in an attempt to remove the stuck truck, but it gave me back the resources but the road didn’t disappear.

Update: I used “Reverse road” on the infinity road and it disappeared, no round edges to the other roads.

Another update (Wow this bug is weird): Clicking on this lock button somehow brought it back.

Okay, now it deletes properly and doesn’t exist as some phantom road that comes back when I click something anymore. Thank goodness.

Aand it’s happened again. This time, it looks like the vehicle is stuck at the entrance of the building.

I was going around fixing things when I realised that the icons showing above the buildings were busted.

Hi @ManjiTec_Ka what’s your version number in the bottom left of the main menu?

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Alpha 8.0.167

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Should I include the @mention, or should I leave it out?

Hi @ManjiTec_Ka, this is 1-2 weeks out of date. These bugs have been fixed. Do you not have auto-update enabled?

Oh, there’s a thing called auto-update? Okay, I’ll check that. Thanks!

How did you install the game? Steam and GOG should update it automatically.