Some Questions

Hello devs !

I have some questions.

I currently have 10 settlers. What is the maximum population?

When are the “salary” and “community” expectations of settlers unlocked?

Can we change the order of disposition of the icons of the settlers?

Any rocks can be destroyed by mining? I have a rock that I can not destroy and it makes me feel bad to build a nice colony.

Thank you for your answers ! I love this game ! Lots of potential, keep going !!

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  • 11 colonists is max.
  • Salary and community will come in a later release, not currently in game.
  • I understand you want to change the order of the colonist portraits on left side of screen? Yes this is much needed change.
  • If your miner cant mine it, it can’t be destroyed. However most of the time you still won’t be able to build there as the “stone deposit” is set to respawn so that you don’t run out of stone. I have not tried all stones. The big stones in small enemy camp you cannot destroy. The stones in large enemy camp you can mine. I can report however, that you can cut the spiky lodges that are a little to the east of starting point and also in front of large goblin camp.
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