Some possibly gamebreaking bugs

I am sorry that this is my first post here and that is sounding like a rant but after years of playing the EA version i am really disappointed of what 1.0 has become to the point i have to wonder: Has there been any testing before pushing the release? I was, back in the days, QA tester for Kerbal Space Program and remember how much testing there was for every release and some of the bugs i will state further down are so glaringly big that they should have popped up way earlier than after the release…

But well… if you dont have the information you cant fix it and make infraspace the great game it actually is…

(Ordered in potential for game breaking)

  1. Evaporating trucks
    If you have a somewhat stable route for trucks from A to B and add a simple crossroad to those road, change the lanes so that the trucks cant move to their destination they will just disappear and no longer reach their target. Especially the new delivery buildings are affected here as you can see wave after wave of cars just disappearing. This becomes especially annoying since just adding an intersection to an extending road may lead to lanes disconnecting and therefore making only trucks on, for example, the center lane disappear.
    This could, so far, be fixed by manually changing all intersections to connect all lanes to all available points creating a cluserf. of traffic jams…

  2. Unlimited ressources Bug
    So… You want infinite resources? Here is a simple solution.

Create a collection center, set it to Sand and add a few large sand miners arround. Set it to 1000 units to store and let it just fill up.
Connect this collection center to one or more distribution centers, set them to sand as well and have them loaded to whatever many units you want.
When the distribution centers are full just set them to whatever ressource you want and enjoy the unlimited amount of that ressource flowing in from the collection center - which is still set to sand but sending whatever resource you want for every unit of sand it collects.
That way you can have the Spaceship fully developed with just sand mines in less than an hour - or grind the techtree in less than 20min…

  1. Spontanously disappearing “routes”
    Some time or another routes, as mentioned in 1) just cease to exist. Trucks and Trains just wont carry any cargo anymore. Trucks move from source to sink, trains go from station to station, unload but the units of material wont change (or in case of trains no trucks come out of the station). Until now a reload of the save fixed this issue.

  2. Wind turbine strangeness
    It sometimes just takes two or three attempts to place and connect a wind turbine to the power grid. They simply dont “turn on” or show being disconnected… havent seen a fix for that so far except rebuilding…

Not so much gamebreaking but annoying
5) If you create a very long pipe the game can freeze for several minutes if you connect any other pipes to it. Havent tested that <1.0 so no idea if thats new or just something known.

Takje your time celebrating Una punta Zero. You all deserve it… but please fix those bugs as they werent present before (ok… i know… delivery centers werent available before ;)) and they are potentiall gamebreaking…

Still… great game and congratulations on 1.0 :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks.

number 2) will be fixed soon.

not heard a report of 3) before, especially with the trucks. If you have a save where a truck is about to go into a building without the resource changing afterwards, I’d appreciate it. The truck has to be full, i.e. not on a return trip back to the source.

I have heard one report about 4) before. Do you have a save?

Number 5) is fixed as of this morning.

If you have any saves for us, you can find them in settings → open saves folder. My email is

Thank you,
The mail just went on its way.

the 4th topic that was mentioned seems to happen to me when i look away from that part of the map. add that to the 1st bug where a change in the road makes trucks despawn for 1-2 minutes and next thing you know i lost part of my population. but for some reason when i zoom back in the trucks magically appear. its like they dont run in the background… same with traffic. i zoom in to check some conditions and all of a sudden it says 50-60% traffic then i zoom out and it goes back to 80+ weird

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