Some Feedback

So, I just played a few hours. I really like the game, even if it’s too easy right now. I especially like how far down you can optimize an intersection. I think however it could use some more information, for instance that high ways don’t connect to buildings and some QoL features I miss.

What I would wish:

  1. some direct information how much the houses consume. How much oxygen does a house take? What are the ratios? Do they change when houses level up?

  2. Production/consumption in items/s, maybe as a toggle. I think 0.3125/s is better then 1 every 3.2s. Also that production number should include efficiency bonuses. At the moment you need a calculator or guess work to get ratios with bonuses.

  3. You should be able to mark a number of buildings and get a summary of the in and outs, taking efficiencies into consideration. I would like to be able to draw a box around my electronics, CPU and Computer factories and see how much ore it takes and if there is enough of the intermediaries produced.

  4. Highways: I would go so far as have highways be intersection free, meaning you would need a bridge to get to the other side.
    So if you just let a two way road end in a high way it only access one side.

  5. grid and alignment: There seems to be a grid in the background, however it is hard to really place stuff on it without guessing. Your buildings can snap to a road(that doesn’t seem to work well with the first building on a road) but what if you want to build a second row, maybe with space for power poles in the centrer? That is quite difficult. I think if you activate snap to grid it should rotate in 90° steps and move buildings in steps, the base of a power pole is a good size for it, I think. Also building roads in free space should snap if grid alignment is active.

  6. Some numbers to how much the better roads are faster.

  7. A planing mode. I want to be able to test layouts without having to actuality pay for them.

  8. Blueprints!

  9. How are districts are supposed to work? I would want to be able to black/white list resources leaving and entering, so that I have dedicated mines for my Consumer electronics and so on area.

  10. Also nice would be a filter gate where you can configure what resources are allowed/forbidden to cross. That way you could dedicate a road to consumer goods or split copper and iron for the electronics.

to tack on to a few of these:

  1. I would prfer to be able to click ont he icon in the production screen (the one i spend most of the time open) and be able to see either zones, buildings, or at least more detailed stats about the ins, outs, and storage.

  2. Highways do need some kind of interaction with roads that works more fluidly. On ramps or a more adaptive control point addition (can I just add a spot?) to make connections cleaner

  3. 22.5 degree steps? and perhaps a shift adjustment to go 4 pixels at a jump? ( I think 4 is the invisible buffer)

  4. and some cleaner numbers about actual distances or make distances more accurate to some grid. If i run two long parallel highways, i shouldnt have to adjust every spot to create a road cross grid, i can plan, if i can more clearly see the lengths being drawn.

  5. districts need to be able to select buildings. I (and i think many people) have some resopurces built into mini stations that we would like to run independent of the bigger grid, but its very hard with te current ‘big bubble’ system to make, say a nano tube >> neural factory setup in a concise plan

  6. not just a gate, but a way to prioritize resources at an intersection or on a roadway

Loving my time so far!!

thanks for the suggstions, a couple of quick answers:


  • at the moment, you can also do intersectionless highways yourself with the intersection config tool or by using one-way highways.

  • better roads are alaways twice as fast as the next lower version

  • that’s what districts are for. Drag to create an export rule. Buildings only export to districts with an export rule. If you want to keep stuff within a district, create an export rule into the district itself

  • I agree the beginning is a little easy. Traffic can get quite difficult in the end though. Afaik, no one has reached the adamantine driller at the end yet.


not sure I understand what you mean with “some cleaner numbers about distances”

Glad you guys like it!

As far as cleaner numbers, a way to more easily set lengths to round values. Im not sure why a 50.2 road is made instead of a 50 for example. Also, I feel that the wrong things are being highlighted when placed, but maybe i just have the snaps enabled and they are in the way. Concrete used blocks the distance I think is the issue. Maybe a modifier (shift) to make only 1.0 lengths? instead of the .1 or .2

I see now. This seems to happen when you build a road on an incline.
If you build a road on a mountain that is 1 meter distance on a map will be slightly longer to account for the height difference.

Not sure yet what the least confusing behavior would be in such cases

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I’d add that the cursor should change for Move and Delete modes so you know you are in those modes. Without an Undo, it’s a pain to accidentally delete a building by miss-clicking somewhere.


So I just recently bought the game and by default is playing on Spanish. No worries here as its my native language. There are a bunch of translation errors that should be fixed as I´ve noticed the overall spanish translation is not accurate:

One of the main resources is “Concrete”: Spanish translation: Cemento. ( Concreto is used as the latin american word but is no accurate).
“Adamantite” resource in Spanish translation: Adamantita
“Iridium Propellan Factory” is not translated: It goes as Factoría de propulsor a Iridio.
“AI control unit factory” is not translated: It goes as Factoría de unidad de control de IA.
Info about your city. The following sentence is wrong: " El tersero icono indica si su ciudad tiene bastante energía": El tersero must be changed to El tercer. ( Go on onto this section as there are more fails)
“Si no tiene suficiente obreros”: Si no tiene suficientes obreros. ( Go on onto this section as there are more fails)
“Igualmente, asegurase tener viviendas disponibles para que los nuevos obreros pueden instalarse”: Igualmente, asegúrese de tener viviendas disponibles para que los nuevos obreros puedan instalarse.

The Infraspace Signs have 2 different positions, and this translation is no accurate: Cartel de parada grande ( I guess this is a Big Stop Sign right? ) You can use the following for both signs: Cartel publicitario grande.
Production Overview is not translated, nor any of its subsecuent content: Production overview can be translated as Resumen de producción. Resource: Recurso. Priority: Prioridad
City Statics: Estadísticas de la ciudad
Districts: Distritos
Working Production Tutorial: “Produce lo suficiente para satisfechar sus necesidades” should be produce lo suficiente para satisfacer sus necesidades.
“Si quiere rellenar sus reservas, debe producir más que consume” should be: debe producir más de lo que consume.

This is everything I´ve found so far. I know this wont be an urgent issue, but we can make this a perfect translated game. For more translations feel free to contact me vía mail, or via Localizor.
By the way Im really liking it. Looking forward to more content.

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A visualization of the flow of traffic would be nice. It would help find the center of the traffic jam or maybe point out where one way roads need to be put in.

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Thanks for the detailed list!

For more translations feel free to contact me vía mail, or via Localizor.
By the way Im really liking it. Looking forward to more content.

Would you want to be one of our community translators? For Spanish we’re looking for someone that can translate the Early Access updates when they come out.

heyas wanted to pop in and say i am liking the game so far, the tutorial is nice and makes getting into the game easy.

I would like to see more happiness and needs fulfilled buildings being able to be built early as soon as we can build housing for the population, small park area for kids to play, families to walk etc. instead of waiting for large park which needs research. Also some places like stores and beauty/barber shop and pharmacy ice cream shop, fast food places and a bowling alley, bars etc. {people need places to go, things to do or they will get bored sitting at home all the time}

Also id like to see at a glance how much oxygen and food I am producing and using.

Sure thing. Mail me the details and I´ll be happy to help

Hi there, I found that on the main screen, there is a Roadmap where you can vote for almost everything you are suggesting. Not quite sure about when that will be implemented or taken into account, but you have it there for sure.

I have some feedback suggestions but them seem similar or touch upon some of the suggestions at the start of the thread. I too would love a grid system. I spent way too long trying to get a square block set up with buildings in-between but still didnt mange to get it perfectly set up. I would also like a way to lay each direction of the super highways down in parallel. A grid would also solve this so I can have each direction in parallel and not have to spend a ton of time tweaking the roads to look right and still be off.

Undo would be a huge win!


A grid won’t work. The ground is uneven, and this causes roads to be at weird angles. Two 90 degree angles from a single road may not be parallel.

Das Wachstum geht ab Level 4 nicht mehr. Habe 4000 Wohnungen 4000 Arbeitsplätze 3900 Einwohner. Aber ich bekomme nicht Level 5 mit 2000 Einwohner obwohl ich das doppelte habe. Es steht immer eine null von 2000. Kann nichts machen immer diese Null.

Hey Schlappi, deine Habitate müssen aufsteigen, damit Leute hinzuziehen. Klicke auf den Raumhafen um zu sehen, wie es mit der Einwanderungsrate aussieht.

7, 8 and 10 I fully agree that would be great additions.

Maybe you could hold a key such as Ctrl and a ‘ghost building/road’ would appear, they would be free and you can build later them by clicking while holding another key such as Alt.