Some feedback on resources and deconstruction

Hi! First of all, just wanted to say that I’m loving the game, and super impressed with how polished it already is.

Here’s a few small suggestions/frustrations I’ve had so far.

-When I was moving furniture in my first playthrough, I hit the escape key while moving it assuming that it would cancel the movement and return the furniture to its former position. Instead, it deleted the furniture entirely. I don’t know if this is a bug or working as intended, but it was disastrous for me, as the furniture in question had involved a large amount of resources which I now no longer had, and it took me another full season to get it back. It would be great if the escape key either canceled the current movement action, as I intuitively assumed it would (and I suspect would be intuitive for most players?), or at least didn’t have the function of deleting the furniture being moved. Sure, it’s easy enough to train myself out of the behavior, but it would probably be easy to change this, right?

-Somewhat connected to the above; when first placing walls, etc, before they are built, I made the assumption that canceling the build order before it was actually finished would return the spent resources. I was playing with different possible house configurations and changed my mind, then realized after deleting the (unbuilt, translucent blue) walls that I no longer had enough wood to build them again. This is counterintuitive, seeing as the game was paused the whole time and nobody had actually built said walls. It would be awesome if the resources were spent when the item was built, rather than when it was first placed (and, like with tools or the like, if the resources are no longer available, it would remain unfinished until they are gathered.) Or, alternatively, it would be great if canceling a build order would return the resources.

-Finally, it would be really awesome if deconstructing items gave back at least some of the resources spent in creating them. Particularly cotton bedrolls, for example. It was painful when I desperately needed cotton for a new project or three during the winter but I had no way of getting more, and I was staring at unused bedrolls… I deleted them anyway for aesthetics, but getting back, say, 50% of the cotton I used to make them would have been glorious, and also intuitively reasonable (and in line with a lot of other games.)

I’m no game developer, and I don’t know how easy/difficult the things I’m suggesting are. But they would make a tremendous difference to my own quality of life and enjoyment playing the game.

P.S. One final random thing: I would LOVE there to be a “mass grave” furniture in the game. Say, 4x6 tile pit similar in appearance to the basic grave, but can take an infinite (or at least extremely large) number of burials. Because I’ve killed about 50 tiki goblins by now, and the graveyard is getting ridiculous in size and dang ugly, even though I haven’t lost any of my settlers. Maybe there could be a mood debuff for burying a colonist in a mass grave, to discourage their use for your own founders, but make them the perfect way to dispose of the endless wave of tiki goblins.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your work on this awesome game. Again, I’m really loving it.

Hi and thanks for the nice words.

  1. Actually not that easy because there are some special cases (what if a colonist occupies the space while you’re moving the thing back? Probably need to clone the furniture temporarily or so. But it’s also necessary, so it’s on the list :slight_smile:
  2. Check this forum post: Rounding error when building/removing simple wooden floors Probably I’ll have to do one of Xaviien’s suggestions, but this can help you understand why it’s the way it is at the moment.
  3. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
  4. You can delete graves as a simple solution for now.

The difficulty is not the requests themselves but actually the amount of requests :smiley: But we’re trying balance community requests with bugfixes and new features each update.
Thanks :+1:

Thanks for the amazingly swift reply. I understand the difficulties, to whatever degree someone whose experience in “game development” is limited to some unfinished Skyrim mods can understand them. :stuck_out_tongue:

The deletion of graves is certainly a reasonable solution. I do hope you’ll consider the mass grave idea at some point, partly just because it seems cool, though I understand that new and essentially unnecessary assets is a super low priority.

One other tiny suggestion regarding graves; I know you’ve had some people complaining about how hard it is to tell the difference between “full” and “empty” graves with the concave/convex surface being the only real change. I saw a mention that you were planning to get the artist to make them more distinct. Here’s a really easy way that would be, I think, aethetically pleasing: just change the “full” grave dirt texture to grass. Uses a resource that you already have, will look reasonable, seems intuitive. Just a thought, anyway!

Again, thanks for the awesome and addictive game. Looking forward to future updates.


I’m taking you at your word on “the more feedback the better” and hoping I’m not becoming a pain. But I’ve noticed something that may be a bug on the return of building materials when deleting blueprints.

When laying down a wall, the resources I get back depends on which direction the wall runs. I don’t have a compass rose, so I don’t know which is which, but if the wall runs one way (let’s say north to south) then I get back all 12 wood, but if it runs 90 degrees the other way (east to west) then I only get back 1. This is consistent with different wall types. Same thing with other walls; one direction I get back what I should, rounding being considered, but the other direction I get back what would be expected from only deleting one segment, no matter how long the wall actually is. (1 wood if I’m deleting blueprints for a wall of "clean wooden wall (horizontal), for example, and 0 wood if I’m deleting blueprints for a wall of “simple wooden wall.”)

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You’re right windhover, that IS a bug and the programmer is at work with this. It has been found short after update 8.0.6. and Daniel has meant it must be there since Steam release without anyone noticing. :upside_down_face:
Programming must be as difficult or more than accounting.