Some advice

So i’m a french player of Founders’ Fortune and i want to give you some advice, like… How to survive Winter !

First one : Create a massive and giant farm, so you can have many stock of food for winter.

Second one : Create a wall against goblins, so you have a bit of time to prepare.

So, hope you enjoyed and you can also ask me what i’m doing in this game for more information


Hi @Amanda , welcome to the forum!

I’m sure the other players will appreciate the advice, because surviving winter is really hard :smiley:
I’d love to know more about your game.
Like how many colonists did you manage to get? Can you send a picture?

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Well, my problem is, many colonists died during an attack of the goblins, so i’m tried to rebuild it in an other way, more defensive than before :pensive:

I see. What difficulty are you playing on?

I love the idea of a giant farm and plan on trying it so Thanks. I’m fairly new to the game and only had one little attack and my guys took him out. But walls will definitely be put up.

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How do you equip tools and weapons?

Just select colonist, right click on tool/weapon/armor and click on “equip”

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