Some 3D Artwork of Infraspace!

Hi everyone!
I’m having a good time in Infraspace, and I want to share some Blender artwork I made recently.
Hopefully there’s more on the way, but for now, enjoy these!
(Feedback appreciated)

Day night cycle could look cool!

Closeup, mostly because I enjoyed making the Park and Stadium interiors before realising I couldn’t see them in the scene :smiley:


Did you re-model all of the buildings? Looks pretty close. Love seeing the concept scenes!

I did! The modelling is one of the parts I enjoy, so I didn’t want to just get the models you made :slight_smile:

Last thing for this thread, I did a bit of an animation with it.
I’ve got some ideas for other things too, but I’ll stop bumping this thread now :slight_smile:


Full resolution and info

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