[Solved] Colony Collapse 6.10.88

Previous version I was running over 896 Citizens.
With this version it started to collapse from lack of items sent and dropped from Level 4 to Level 2.
Now the main problem is there is lack of Oxygen and Survival Food.
There is just enough to keep the Colony at 537.
I added 4 more Oxygen and 4 more Food and did not make a difference.
Still staying at Level 2
Did notice that many Habitats are getting Oxygen every 63 seconds and Food every 27 seconds even when the item bar is full.

I have 64 Habitats in various levels with, 20 Atmosphere Processors, 20 Simple Farms.
The Consumption numbers are Oxygen 0.52/s, Food 0.52/s.
The Production numbers are Oxygen 1.25/s, Food 1.43/s.

Sent *.sav and *.log files in an email.

Updated to 6.10.89 and reloaded the save 6.9.86 (prior to the collapse) and let it run without any changes on my part.
The collapse did not occurred.

Then reloaded the save for 6.10.88 and let it run without any changes on my part.
The Citizens started to move in and the Colony recovered to full population.

I am able to continue with the Colony expansion.

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