Soil enrichtment facility bug

  1. I placed a soil enrichtment facility near some vegetable farms. Everything worked fine.
  2. Then I moved the soil enrichtment facility and suddenly the veggie farms didn’t have the soil enrichtment bonus anymore.
  3. I removed the soil enrichtment facility and placed a new one and everything worked fine again.

I’ve checked this multiple times.

Is it a actual bug or a visual bug. So do you not get the efficiency bonus if you moved it?

Good question. I didn’t actually know, so I checked. It’s an actual gameplay affecting bug. I even timed it to make sure. It also affects the numbers on the production overview showing I’m now under producing, where before I was producing enough.

Before moving:

After moving:

And for the record, I did move it, just to the exact same location.

I ran an experiment for this. I filled fertilizer factory storage and connected the fertilizer factories simultaneously to vegetable farms. I clicked the first trucks to come out out. The screenshots are all during the same pause.

The last condition was where I moved the soil enrichment facility and then moved the vegetable farm, which seems to restore the effect.

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Wow, what a thorough investigation! Put it on the list.

The effect is lost when moving recycling centers, as well.

Electronics factories started with input/output storages full and then were left to run until empty. The one on the right ran through its input storage before the one on the left.


Do the effcts come back when you reload a save?

From the test, moving the buildings that should benefit from the effect will have their effect restored.
So no idea if loading a save will reaply it (but kinda doubt it will), since I have no boosting buildings right now to test it myself.