So what can we expect in the next update?

Interested and excited to hear what’s heading founders fortunes way next

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Work is going well and I think we’re about a third of the way done, this one’s a big one. Next week will be a little slower because I’m going to be on vacation but then it’s back to usual.

We haven’t shared the main topic of the update, but it’s going to be an update that’s quite different from the others we had before. I expect some people to love it and some people to feel indifferent.

In 2 or 3 weeks, I’m hoping to share the first screenshots :smiley:

Not even a small hint ? Pleaaase

Well, we are going to fix this: Farm Animals Won't Come Home

But the big one is going to stay secret a little longer :wink:

There may also be a third category: those who do not understand it and it remains a feature unused by a small amount of people who could benefit from it. If only it was introduced to us slowly and explained properly instead of being hidden away.

P.S: To quote Scar from Disney’s Lion King … “I despise guessing games”
PP.S: Not many people like secrets.

The “secret main topic of the update” you quoted is that Beta 1 was going to be the Grahpics Update. This thread is 4 months old and the update was released in October.

If you’re talking about the animal zone indicator: I agree, it’s quite difficult for players to find it sometimes and would benefit from a tutorial message.