Snow winter

Please, I wish I could cancel the falling snow because it is too difficult for the eyes. I am not a young player.
I really enjoy this game (and the french translation) !
Thank you :slight_smile:


moreover, we can not see the cursor of the mouse with the snowflakes very badly


I agree. The snow should be much more transparent and less intensive, not sure if we need to see the details of snowflakes when the price is visibility. Snow + Fog is blinding, doesn’t last long though and only really come with arrival of spring.


Hi @Emy welcome to the forum!

It’s on our list of improvements to be made. It’d be sad if we had to remove the snow enitrely, so we’ll see how we can improve it.

Glad you’re enjoying the game!

This most definitely is the most annoying thing for me personally. The snow makes it virtually impossible to locate my cursor and leads to all sorts of trouble moving, locating icons…the lot.
The ability to disable it or lessen it would be most welcome :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum @Yuhg!
I see there is a lot of support for this issue :smiley:

I think the snow is pretty, honestly, but the little ‘fog of war’ effect it gives when you zoom out makes it impossible to find your colony again or find attacking intruders during winter. That’s my only complaint otherwise I love it!

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