Snap to Road

Hi, firstly great job so far! It’s been a while since I was last so engrossed with a game. I’ve got a couple of suggestions though.

  1. When using Snap to Road in setting building down, let me choose/change at what distance they snap into place. You’ve got the tech to make buildings search out the closest road when free/rotating placing already. But I don’t want to free place everything as you’ll never be able to make a cleanly arranged and symmetrical as the snap feature.

1a) Speaking of free placing, maybe a bug, I’ve been having a hell of a time getting “snap to road” to re-enable once dis-abled. It’ll finally recognize it’s enabled and start snapping again but you need select buildings to build from the menu and cycle through a bunch before it does.

Thanks for listening

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Why do you want to choose the distance from the road?

Snap is re-enabled once you re-enter the building mode (unselect the building and reselect it)

Thanks for the quick reply. Interesting, I’ve been trying to use the toggle that appears to the top left of the build menu. I guess that only disables it?

Well, it’s mainly to appease my OCD (disclaimer: I don’t have OCD) in trying to keep most buildings/my city layout aligned, which is very difficult using free mode. I’m aware that’s not always possible due to the terrain, but in that case it’s understandable. Secondly, when you upgrade to 4 lane roads it throws off alignment vs 2 lane. Six lane roads forces you to move the buildings due to collisions. In the pic, on the left all 3 habs were snapped to a 2 lane. I replaced the middle road for 4 and 6 section, then snapped the other habs. It’s nothing game breaking obviously, but would be great QoL thing. At least for me.

On the same vein, would it be possible to, when snapping to roads, make Q/E rotate the buildings just by 90º intervals? That would be useful for choosing which side of rectangular buildings I would like to have touching the road.

As it is now, as soon as I touch Q/E, the building switches to free mode, which is quite not ideal when plopping dozens of them as needed in the later levels.

which buildings do you want to rotate and why? I suspect electronic + microchip factories for the boost. Are there any other cases?

Computer factories also come to mind. Not able to check the game right now, but basically any rectangular buildings would be nice.

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