Small Shelf

Hello guys
The colonist’s sometime wish for “small shelf” in their room, i could not find one so i built a simple wood shelf, but that did not work.
I later found out that it is actualy “simple wooden dresser” they desire.
Might want to change the text on the wish to clarify, the icon is what got me thinking of the right thing :slight_smile:

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Hi @Zeeck. Welcome to the community!

It seems I messed up the naming there. The challenge is that we need to find some categories that work in all languages. I was thinking “ok, big storage thingy” and “small storage thingy” were surely going, right? Well, calling it “shelf” definitely seems to have been the wrong choice, oops :smiley:

Thanks for letting us know, we’re going to rethink the categories.

How’s the rest of your game been going until now? Let me know :slight_smile:

I actually don’t think it matters insanely what ya decide to call it in the end… the wish just needs to match the item in the build menu :slight_smile:

If I remember right (not in game at the moment), the wish says shelf, but the build menu calls it a dresser or something.

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Just have the wish pull the item’s name from the object it’s asking for. That way if you rename an item, the name will automatically be corrected. This should make localization easier too, since renaming it once will fix it everywhere.

but if you want to be overly specific on furniture names… Here’s a short list

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Good suggestion @Malania.

@Quarnozian we actually do this for some furniture, like the bonfire, for example. But for stuff like tables and chairs we thought the player should be allowed to decide which one he wants to use to furnish the colonist’s room. So we need to make some kind of categories.

Maybe it’s fine if we just call them “shelves” and “dressers”?

Appreciate the short list, but it’s a little too short: There is only one picture, that wasn’t intentional, right? :smiley:

I am struggling,Johann wants a big shelf in his room, yet there is no “big shelf” I tried matching the picture, but there’s none that match. Simple wooden shelf, has 4 shelves, Johann’s “wish” has 3. :slight_smile:

Any of the big storage furniture should work, I think they’re all called “shelf.”

If that doesn’t work, maybe it’s a bug. You could try moving Johann to a new room and building it there. Let me know!

Sorry about that. I think this is what I meant to link to…

I haven’t used albums that much in imgur, so I thought the link it provided was for the album, but instead it gave me the link to a single image. :roll_eyes:

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