Skill Level Up Time

I’ve been playing for almost a week and I found it almost impossible to have a villager level up from 0 in the scholar skill to being able to read scrolls. Flu is just taking my poor colonists out :sob::sob::sob:

Hi Kaje and welcome :slight_smile:

Starting off a new game can sometimes be very hard :sob:

I found it easier to start at the Calm level for my first game and build up game knowledge to get to the harder levels later on.

For me, it was getting used to the game mechanics (good and bad events) and working out how to best avoid the worst outcomes :upside_down_face:

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You can also try learning about research in the bookshelf!
Another tip for the flu: Use the “cure illness” life satisfaction reward in the wish panel or buy medicine from the trader.

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Thanks a lot.

I don’t think I had the bookshelves yet and it was a hectic time, didn’t have a dedicated scholar yet :grimacing: once I got a few more colonists things leveled out