Show vehicles delivering paths for highlighted buildings

Hey ! First message here, I love this game but I would like to suggest you a feature that could enhance a little more the user experience.
First and foremost, I really like the features you guys put on the latests updates : to see which path a vehicle is currently having or is planning to do.

However, it would have been a lot better if we could see which vehicles is going to a certain building while we highlight it.
To put in another way, currently the game tells us if a vehicle is on route while hovering a need on a residential building or just simply a factory « Currently being delivered : [number] ».

The hiccup here is we can’t really see which vehicle is tasked for it, maybe it is located on the other side of the map ? Maybe it is stuck on a traffic jam ? Maybe it is trying to figure a path because somehow the roads aren’t optimized ? We just don’t know.

Like Cities Skylines, it would be very interesting to watch which vehicles are tasked to go to buildings, not only residential but also factories, so we can further optimize our roads incrementally.

Thanks ! Happy holidays